Our firewood is dried using the heat from our charcoal ovens. Variety of hardwood species from the new market in Ontario region: Pistachio tree wood, Almond wood, Walnut tree wood, Maple wood


Our oven-dried firewood contains about 15% moisture and allows for
complete combustion limiting the formation of creosote in the chimney.

  • Over 15 million BTUs per cord of wood
  • Only quality wood one is transformed into firewood
  • Less humidity in the house due to the storage of drier wood
  • Energy 20% to 30% higher than traditional wood, reducing the amount of wood to handle and store each year.

Super Bag Half Cord

Practical size of approximately 20 cubic feet.



Practical half cord package. These are quality one logs, selected specifically for firewood.

  • Can reach a temperature exceeding 426 Santi grade.
  • Kiln-dried wood.



Format: Between 12 and 15 inch logs

Duration of use: Depending on the species of wood and the quality of the biomass fireplace.

Main material: Wood

Type of wood: Pistachio tree wood, Almond wood, Walnut shell, Maple wood