Canacoal is one of the producers of charcoal briquettes in Canada. The small pieces that emerge from sorting after charcoal production are reused for the production of our briquettes.
For cooking on the BBQ or for cooking on a grill at the campsite.

• No additive of petroleum by-product or clay
• 100% natural starch used as a binding agent
• Small charcoal pieces are used to produce briquettes
• Reaches a temperature of 458°F

Charcoal from a square sawdust

Charcoal from hexagonal sawdust


Shape: 2.5” x 2.5” well rounded briquettes
Duration of use: Depending on what you have to cook, smoke or grill. Duration is as needed.
Raw material: Hardwood from forest biomass
Wood type: Pistachio tree wood, Almond wood, Walnut shell, Maple wood

Coal from cube coal soil for shisha

Coal from coal dust design heart for shisha